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Don Diego Terminal

Terminal Don Diego
The Modern terminal tourism Don Diego is located in the maritime entry of the first city of America, founded on the 5 of August 1498, after being discovered by Christopher Columbus. This colonial city, declared by UNESCO as world cultural heritage of humanity, offers a unique setting, surrounded by history, culture and architectural heritage that visitors can appreciate from the moment they arrive at the port of Santo Domingo.

Terminal Facilities

The Don Diego Terminal has two reception areas for cruises, denominated Wings A and B, and meets all the necessary requirements for the complete comfort of guests and visitors.

1st Level

  • In the north Wing, the Terminal has a hall of 435 m2, Duty Free stores with gifts, magazines, liquor stores and perfumeries and many articles of interest for visitors.
  • A central hall with a stand for information, bathrooms, access to a center for local and international calls, Internet Center, Stand for currency exchange, areas to access and circulation.
  • In the South Wing, the Terminal has an ample hall of 820 m2, for more modular stores of duty free, with gifts, presents and accessories according to our visitor’s demands.

2nd Level

  • The administrative offices of Santo Domingo’s Port are located in the 2nd floor and Outside, Don Diego’s Terminal counts with parking facilities for visitor’s vehicles and special parking lot for tourism company buses, which can easily coordinate the exits and arrivals of their cruises clients.
  • An integral lighting system, which includes all the outside and perimeter area of Don Diego’s Terminal, for greater security and nocturnal visibility to visitors.
  • Oceanfront longs sidewalks, with beautiful green areas and palm trees, full of relaxations that are combined with the Don Diego’s Terminal outlook design.
  • The facility of three modules of automatic tellers (ATM’s), in a modern and safe perimeter with restricted access of any no authorized person next to the arrivals and circulation areas of the Terminal.
  • Don Diego’s Terminal in its entire structure, has highly trained personnel specialized in harbor security.
  • A permanent service of Electrical Energy Service and in addition it counts, with an emergency electric power unit with great capacity of generation.
  • It has installed a modern system against fires to manage and handle any threat of this nature.