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Sansouci Terminal

Terminal SansouciThe Sans Soucí terminal is the second cruise ship terminal in the Port of Santo Domingo and the most modern in the Caribbean. It is located on the east side of the city and allowed to reach high capacity Cruise Lines, operating as a terminal mode Homeport, allowing frequently changes of passengers, immigration and baggage handling. 
It offers all the facilities for the care of a large passenger flow efficiently and safely. 


Terminal Facilities

The modern building has a rather broad structure of approximately 11,000 m2 on three levels that are distributed with the following facilities:

1rst Level

  • 7.000 m2, where is the area of passenger screening, baggage handling and offices of tourism terminal operations.

2nd Level

  • A Mezzanine of 3,200 m2, that manages all the activities of migration, Duty Free Stores, Internet Center, Stand of Information, Bathrooms and other facilities as planned; allowing passenger’s to see an interesting view to Sans Souci’s Main Floor, as well, a view to the river, sea, and colonial district.

3rd Level

  • An open area of 1,200 square meters approximately, with an ample footbridge that crosses all the structure, and communicate the building with the Cruise Ships, through a safe disembarkation and embarkation equipment for passengers “Gangway”, that will guarantee the protection and security to all the passengers.

The Sans Souci Terminal of 10,000 m2 approximately, has the capacity to handle near 3,800 tourists by cruise, in addition to its crew, combining the essential in design, flexibility in the spaces, illumination and respectful architectonic relation with the colonial city district.  

Exterior Area 
The Sans Soucí Terminal also has:

  • Large areas for containers, cargo handling and unloading for luggage.
  • Areas available for visitors parking lots.
  • Outdoor lighting system and perimeter.
  • Port Security Systems, such as cameras and security screens.
  • Modern fire prevention system.