Port of Santo Domingo

Sansouci, Port of Santo Domingo, is a multi-purpose private port with a focused in efficiency and security in its port operations, service-oriented and highly committed to social and ecological responsibility.

Due to the diverse nature of its infrastructure (Don Diego, Sansouci and Santo Domingo Terminals), numerous commercial activities may take place concurrently. Likewise, it’s economic activity encompasses the reception of cruise ship traffic, ferries, ocean freight services and venues of varying capacity for events.

Among the principal characteristics of The Port of Santo Domingo we can mention:

  • Being the leading port in vehicles processing in the Dominican Republic through import and transit.
  • Being the commercial, touristic and cultural liaison between the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico by means of the Ferry.
  • Being the only port in the city of Santo Domingo that embarks cruise passengers.

Sansouci, Port of Santo Domingo, operates in compliance with the International Regulations of the International Ship and the Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code, which regulates maritime activities and has been standardized worldwide.