About us


To be the most efficient, profitable and reliable multipurpose port in the Caribbean area, generating sustainable value for its employees, clients, investors and society.


We are a private multipurpose port, efficient and secure, service oriented and committed to social causes and to the preservation of the environment.


Honesty: we conduct and express ourselves with consistency and honesty, putting into practice the principles of truth and justice.

Commitment: we use our abilities to do all that is entrusted to us and that our conscience has accepted.

Flexibility and adaptability: we understand and appreciate the different approaches to a same situation and adapt to new circumstances that modify the ones already known.

Respect: we recognize in ourselves and in others the rights and obligations with dignity, giving each one their value.

Discipline: we act with order and perseverance to achieve any goal.

Responsibility: we give follow-up and effectively implement of the job we are responsible.

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