Sansoucí Terminal

Sansouci Terminal, located in the Port of Santo Domingo, is the most modern cruise terminal in the Caribbean. Located in the eastern side of the city of Santo Domingo, it’s the port of entry for large cruise liners, operating in the capacity of home port, allowing the processing of passengers, migration and luggage handling.

Its facilities are prepared to receive a large volume of passengers in an efficient and secure manner.

Sansouci Terminal can process up to 3,800 passengers simultaneously, integrating architectural elements of Santo Domigo’s Colonial Zone in its interior design and lighting.

Description of the terminal

A modern building with a broad structure of up to 11,000 mts2, distributed in three levels with the following facilities:

1st Level

7,000 mts2, which holds the passenger screening and baggage handling areas, as well as the operational offices.

2nd. Level

3,000 mts2 mezzanine. This area incorporates migration services, duty-free shops and the restrooms.

3rd. Level

1,000 m2 walkway communicating the main building with the terminal through a boarding bridge for the embarking and disembarking, without sacrificing passenger safety or security.

Outdoor area

Its facilities include:

  • Large area for containers
  • Baggage handling depot
  • Parking areas for vehicles and buses.
  • Exterior and perimeter lighting
  • Port security systems, such as cameras and safety nets.
  • Modern fire prevention system

Other facilities:

  • Water Patrol to ensure the safety of vessels while in the facility
  • Specialized personnel necessary to handle port security and customer service
  • CCTV System Security Camera
  • Fire Alarm System
  • Joint Patrol System

Technical data

    • Location: Latitude 18º 27’.6N – Longitude 069º 53.1W
    • Time zone: GMT (-4)
    • Weather: mostly sunny, with slightly tropical nighttime temperatures
    • Prevailing wind conditions:

September – April: N-NE
May – August E – SE

  • Average annual temperature: 28° C to 30° C (82.4° F to 86° F)
  • Terminal height above the water: 6.8’ to 7.3’
  • Tidal range: 1’.8
  • Pilotage: Mandatory (Contact Channel 16 -12)
  • Tugs: Available (hired through the Agency)
  • Input channel minimum depth: 33’.13
  • Input channel amplitude: 394’
  • Leading lights range: 047º.5
  • Dock or maneuver area minimum depth: 33’
  • Dock or maneuver area diameter: 33’
  • Type of bottom: Mud
  • Water density: 1.008 gr/cm3
  • Fresh water service: Yes (directly from the terminal, via pipes)
  • Gas service: Yes (on request, via truck)
  • Sludge service: Yes (on request, via truck)
  • Residual water services: Yes (on request, via truck)
  • Crane service: Yes (on request)
  • Trash/waste service: Yes (on request, not mandatory)



España Avenue, in front of the Naval Base, East Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

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