Don Diego Terminal

Don Diego Terminal is suitable for ferry, cruise and the reception of other types of vessels.

Its facilities measure 1,352mt2, divided in two spacious lounges (North and South) for the comfort of its passengers. Its dock is 1,312’ long (400 meters).

Passengers may purchase typical gifts, jewelry, crafts, liquor, perfumes and other sundry items in the duty-free shops.

  • Outdoor visitor and bus parking areas are available.  Tour operators can coordinate the pick-up and drop-off of passengers. 
  • Three service areas, including a cafeteria area and ATMs for visitors’ convenience.
  • Modern and secure perimeter fence to restrict access to any non-authorized personnel.
  • Water patrol to protect ships while docked.
  • Specially-trained personnel to handle any necessary requirements for port security and customer service
  • CCTV system security cameras
  • Fire alarm system
  • Joint patrol system

Terminal description

1st. Level

Its North hallisa 420 m2 facility housing passport control, entry tax payment window and waiting areas.

This level also consists of a Central Hall with information both, cafeteria, restrooms, a currency exchange stand, waiting area and several corridors.

Don Diego Terminal’s South Hall is an 834.11 m2 facility for luggage handling, passenger check-in and custom inspection areas.

2nd. Level

The Sans Souci Ports, S.A. administrative offices are located on this level.

Available services:

  • Service payments
  • Service authorizations
  • General information
  • Reservations/Bookings

Don Diego Terminal has an strategic location allowing visitors to quickly arrive at Santo Domingo’s Colonial City, so they may go on the business of discovering the unmistakable amiability and hospitality of the Dominican people and their breathtaking monuments and historical sites.

Technical data

  •  Location: Latitude 18º 28’.5N – Longitude 069º 52’.9W
  • Total longitude: 1300’
  • Dock surface: concrete and asphalt
  • Walkways: N/A
  • Berthing area: 1300’
  • Continuous minimum depth: 27’
  • Defense: 7’ height Defense Panel
  • Bitt: 75 tons, 40’ spacing

Anchorage information

  • Pilotage: a pilot is required for anchorage
  • Location: Latitude 18º 27’.2N – Longitude 069º 53’.1W
  • Minimum depth: 50’
  • Winds: E-SE  y  N-NE (5-15 knots) depending on the season
  • Bottom: sand and rock
  • Actual: E-SE 2 knots
  • Boarding area, distance from the dock to the center: 1 mile.


For more information contact:


Francisco Alberto Caamaño Deñó Avenue (Port Avenue) No. 1,  Colonial City, Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional, Dominican Republic

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