Santo Domingo Terminal

One of the oldest terminals in the Santo Domingo Port; it has been totally renovated as part of an urban rehabilitation project, integrating the Old Port with Santo Domingo’s Colonial City, creating an attractive ambience for cruise ship traffic, yachts and tourists in general.

This area is dedicated for the storage of containers and loose cargo. It also serves as a checkpoint for passenger vehicles embarking and disembarking with theis vehicles at the Ferry.

The following offices are located in this area:

  • Directorate General of Customs
  • General Directorate of Internal Revenue
  • General Office of Migration
  • National Narcotics Control Directorate
  • Banco de Reservas
  • Marine Express Office
  • Specialized Port Security Corps
  • Ministry of Agriculture
  • Army Intelligence Service
  • River Construction Group, LTD.


  • Cargo terminal with 2 roofed structures
  • 291m long dock
  • Maximum depth: 6.5m.
  • 9.952 m2 Container patio area

Available services:

  • Customs clearance
  • Vehicle fumigation
  • Tax collection
  • Cargo warehouse
  • Freight and vehicle checkpoint
  • Freight and vehicle clearance

Technical data

    • Location: Latitude 18º 27’.6N – Longitude 069º 53.1W
    • Time zone: GMT (-4)
    • Weather: mostly sunny, with slightly tropical nighttime temperatures.
    • Predominant wind conditions:

September – April: N-NE
May – August E – SE

  • Average annual temperature: 28° C to 30° C (82.4° F to 86° F)
  • Terminal height above the water: 6.8’ to 7.3’
  • Tidal range:  1’.8
  • Pilotage: compulsory (contact channel 16 -12)
  • Tugs: available (hired through the Agency)
  • Input channel minimum depth: 33’.13
  • Input channel amplitude: 394’
  • Leading lights range: 047º.5
  • Dock or maneuver area minimum depth: 33’
  • Dock or maneuver area diameter: 33’
  • Type of bottom: mud
  • Water density: 1.008 gr/cm3
  • Fresh water service: yes (directly from the terminal, via tubes)
  • Gas service: yes (on request, via truck)
  • Sludge service: yes (on request, via truck)
  • Residual water services: yes (on request, via truck)
  • Crane service: yes (on request)
  • Trash/waste service: yes (on request, not mandatory)



Francisco Caamaño Deñó Avenue, Santo Domingo Terminal (in front of the Santo Domingo Port Command)

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