Real estate development

Creation of a unique urban community.

The Sansouci Touristic Investment Company is currently developing one of the biggest private infrastructures projects in the country.

Sansouci is a mixed project that is revolutionizing the city’s promenade, which will help position Santo Domingo as one of the most complete touristic destinations in the Caribbean.

Conceived in an area of approximately 485,000m², the goal of this real estate development project was to create an urban compact-mixed center, integrated, secure, focused on the people, and thought for both residents and visitors. It uses one of the highest standards of design and construction quality, for urban infrastructures and buildings. The different structures range from residential, commercial, hotel, offices and institutional buildings.

In its first phase, Sansouci renewed the Port of Santo Domingo, adapting the Don Diego Terminal and built the exclusive Sansouci Terminal, one of the most modern touristic terminals in the Caribbean.

Likewise, there was an investment made in numerous improvement projects in the nearby areas, with the construction of Juan Baron Plaza in the Santo Domingo Boardwalk. This plaza covers around 20,000m² and, with it, the city regained its most prominent green area.  It offers a pleasant and warn urban design, permanent electric power, sanitary facilities, with the help of the City Hall of Santo Domingo. An important part of the success of these projects comes from the creation of synergies between the public and private sector.

Sansouci’s development will have a tremendous economic impact with the capacity to provide an annual average of 20,400 jobs, which will generate many opportunities for professional development; the lives of those involved improves in quality, as well as sustained wealth creation for the country.

In that sense, the quality improvement in the life of the community that encircles this project has driven the Dominican Government to create a support frame to similar touristic development projects which, like Sansouci, have shown its potential for the creation and distribution of wealth. A part of the institutional dimension of Sansouci includes several community development objectives, incorporating it as a medullary part of the project’s sustainability and its surroundings.

Juan Barón Plaza

The Juan Baron Plaza is one of the main attractions of the Santo Domingo Boardwalk. It is used for celebration of family activities and massive events, and suitable for the celebration of multiple outdoor activities.

It covers around 21,000m², merging two commercial districts and 7 kiosks, just like the walk and alleyway bordering the plaza, providing the city more than 2,300m² of green areas.

The kiosks offer a wide variety of food and beverages: ice cream, pizza, hot dogs, bar and lounge, grill, Spanish and Dominican specialties.

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